tksprofilepictureDespite being born in Maine and spending four years in Los Angeles, I am a Midwesterner who loves ethnic food.  While I will always call Iowa home, I currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My passion for ethnic food comes from my many years of traveling around the world and my adventurous spirit.  I am happiest when I trying something new and different.

I have degrees in International Studies, Psychology and Anthropology–essentially, I am fascinated by people and culture.  I believe all aspects of culture are important, but have learned over the years that food is by far one of the most important.  While we all eat different things, we all must eat.  That is, food is the one of the few things that unites all humans.

My professional background is in education–but at heart I am a social scientist and writer.  I love researching, investigating, and learning about new things.  My mind is constantly running with ideas and thoughts–and when it is time to take a break from all that thinking, I eat as much ethnic food as I can.  Having most recently lived in Los Angeles, I am currently obsessed with Korean food, in particular Bolgolgi (grilled, marinated meat with onions) and Jjigae (spicy tofu soup).