December 1, 2013

Hello Pizza in Minneapolis

What can I say? Ann Kim knows how to make pizza and her quick service Hello Pizza in Edina is the type of pizza place you both love and hate to have around the corner from your house. After a long bike ride, I stopped by and chowed down on a few slices while washing it down with tall class of beer. Just delicious.  ...

November 30, 2013

Saint Paul’s Asian Deli

Located on Western Ave in Saint Paul, Asian Deli is small neighborhood eatery with very little flash but solid cuisine. Their food choices span the Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese and Thai nations, but more importantly they keep their prices low. I ordered my favorite Thai dish, papaya salad with sticky rice and picked up a package of their house-made beef jerky. The papaya salad was fresh, crisp and spicy. I plan to visit again to try their Kao Poon, a spicy Laotian soup with a red curry-coconut milk and includes rice vermicelli noodles, meat and ...


Banchan, banchan, banchan. There are a lot of reasons why I love Korea and the Koreans. Grilled meats, relaxing saunas, unique fashion and outrageous entertainment are few. But none of these compare to banchan, the small dish dishes that accompany a meal in Korea. If you have no idea what I am talking about, head over to Wikipedia for a quick lesson in Korean food culture. Thanks the popularity of places like The Left Handed Cook, Green Spoon Cafe, and Gogi Bros food truck, Korean food is gaining popularity across the metro area. But the backbone of the Twin Cities Korean food scene ...