Cajun 2 Geaux

I decided to go to the last Minnesota United FC game played in the Metrodome the other week because why not? And as luck would have it, I was treated to some delicious Jambalaya from the Cajun 2 Geaux food truck before the game. I don’t really seek out Cajun cuisine, so when I came upon this little food tuck hawking it spicy fusion flavor I was pretty excited. While the Jambalaya was very tasty and packed a considerable punch,  I think their menu really shines with their po’boy sandwiches, which I will definitely order next time. In an interview with the Pioneer Press owner Tim Glover stated that the most surprising thing about having a food truck was “How people appreciate new things and different cultures. How easily they embrace it and are willing to try it. They’re adventurous. The Twin Cities is really good about it.” I couldn’t agree more.